St. Mary’s University Art Gallery 2019

photographer: Pam Corell

Museum London 2018

photographer: Krista Hamlin

Dunlop Art Gallery 2018 footage


Images from documentary film 2017 – School of Art Gallery, Winnipeg:

Current work


photographer: Robert Barrow

Recent work

Catalogue:  http://www.umanitoba.ca/schools/art/media/gallery_Bev_Pike_catalogue.pdf


photographer: Robert Barrow

Retrospective work


photographer: Robert Barrow


Bev Pike is a Winnipeg polymath known for large scale performative landform paintings.  Since graduating from the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, Pike’s work has exhibited across Canada in solo and group exhibitions.  She has received senior arts grants from the Winnipeg Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.

Selected Collections

Canada Council Art Bank, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, the Manitoba Arts Council Art Bank, Winnipeg Art Gallery, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery as well as artist-book collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Modern and numerous other special collections in North America and England.



Centre for Canadian Contemporary Art


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