Burlesque books

My artist-books provide new ways to caricature the manner and spirit of privilege.  I use high burlesque to elevate something lowly and low burlesque to trivialise something lofty.  My books link the dancing women do with the advice columns women write.

Aunt Agony’s Cavalcade of Mysteries

These Agony Aunt columns show that delicious revenge is indeed possible, but only if done deftly, with subtlety and wit.  Carnivorous plants provide each supplicant with fun and unusual, efficient and rewarding techniques.

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Swallowing Safety Pins

This artist-book is a selection of Agony Aunt columns posthumously written by Dame Edith Sitwell. Each supplicant is stymied by a view of the world that only someone of excessively good nature possesses. Advice is arch, irreverent and sometimes naughty.

swallowing-cover     swallowing-text


Autobiography of an Eccentric Line

In this pillow book, each woman’s character is displayed through her artifacts. Based on Edwardian books of elegant parlour humour, this book investigates women who used metaphor to create sardonic parallel worlds.

autobiography-cover     autobiography-text2

Publisher: https://susanchafe.wordpress.com/lives-of-dogs-artist-books/