Burlesque books

These artist-books caricature manners.  High burlesque elevates the lowly and low burlesque trivialises the lofty.

Aunt Agony’s Cavalcade of Mysteries

These Agony Aunt columns show that delicious revenge is possible, but only if done safely, with subtlety and wit.  Carnivorous plants demonstrate efficient, unusual and rewarding techniques.

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Swallowing Safety Pins

Dame Edith Sitwell posthumously writes Agony Aunt columns. Each supplicant is stymied by excessively good nature. Advice is arch, irreverent and deliciously naughty.

swallowing-cover     swallowing-text

Autobiography of an Eccentric Line

Based on Edwardian pillow books of elegant parlour humour, women display the artifacts that help them create sardonic parallel worlds.

autobiography-cover     autobiography-text2

Publisher: https://susanchafe.wordpress.com/lives-of-dogs-artist-books/